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CDTC is to provide comprehensive training programs to update the knowledge and skills of the personal involved in the coconut industry, including the officers of the CCB, coconut growers, processors and others interested in coconut cultivation.


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Coconut Cultivation Board technical & non-technical Officers


Human resources are considered to be the most valuable asset of any organization and as well as for the nation. Human talents cannot be copied by anybody and therefore those talents should be taken as the competitive advantage for the society. Therefore greatest attention is paid for knowledge management, skill development and attitudinal changes. Because of these reasons one of the responsibilities of the Coconut Development Training Centre is strengthening the internal staff of the CCB in proper knowledge and skills with suitable attitudes. In-house trainings are conducted in different fields such as financial activities, computer training, estate accounting, office management, trainer training, coconut based technical updates, farm machinery maintenance, understory cropping and also many other timely important programs.


Coconut Growers


Finally our main objective is to increase productivity of coconut lands by improving knowledge, skills and attitude of the coconut growers in the country. There are about 700,000 people involve in the cultivation and related industry directly or indirectly. It is important to distribute new technology for these people in the coconut industry. Coconut growers of the entire country, Entrepreneurs of the coconut industry, Consumers of coconut, coconut products, People who are involved with coconut and product marketing of the country are the main groups of the coconut industry.




The students are the most important compartment of the country to disseminate technology, therefore CDTC provide special training programs for the agriculture undergraduates of the Universities of Sri Lanka, students of the Agriculture schools, School pupil, etc


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